Khoi Customs Clearance

Clearance from khoi customs: Khoy customs is one of the active customs in Western Azerbaijan,where exports thousands tons of goods to foreign countries through land and rail borders annually.

And in recent years, reducing the time of clearance and simplifying customs procedures cause khoi customs export boom.

Khoi’s Razi border is the third legal border between Iran and Turkey located in the north of Wes Azerbaijan.

This customs gate, with its rail and land routes, plays a very important role in the economic and commercial development between two countries Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey.

Razi border is located 70 kilometers west of Khoy city. Exportation in Khoy customs Have been Promoted in weight more than previous years.

Sultan Tejarat Bazargan company with more than 10 years of experience has cleared goods for many large companies , and our staff with acceptable experience by all of the customs in Iran and experienced personnel (a combination of bank staff and Customs ) are ready to present any Types of commercial services and clearance In the case of clearance and customs consultation . Time and acceleration in commercial and customs preformation are the Selector reason to have a strong presence in the competition market.

Customs Clearing Agent

Therefore, considering the positive relationships between this collection and the Major customs, goods will be cleared and delivered to the Party contract’s destination in the shortest possible time. Up to now and during more than 10 years of customs clearing, each person or company who has cooperated with ruler company Sultan Tejarat Bazargan and trusted us in customs affairs such as clearance, importation and … has got the feedback of his trust and has become Permanent customer of Sultan Tejarat Bazargan company. We are honored to present all customs services to you dear customers.

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