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Import Commodity Clearance

How is clearance and the process of import commodity clearance?

Nowadays , exportation and importation are an integral part of the economy for all countries and at all times different types of commodity are importing and exporting From different parts of the world to the other countries . Therefore, a process called clearance is

In this process, commodities are imported or exported by the customs clearing agent that is the legal representative of the commodities, whereby he takes action to preparation of documents physicaly or electronicly for the calculation of taxes, customs duties and Facilities granted to importers or exporters.

The clearance of imported goods is done either permanently or temporarily

In the import goods clearance permanently , the goods are allowed to enter the customs territory , subject to perform customs formalities, and A series of payments, including payment of taxes and entrance fees.

The import goods clearance has steps in which the formalities must be completed in full.The completion of the forms, the evaluation and determination of goods values, clearance licenses, delivery and the exit door are the most important formalities for the clearance of
imported goods.

The time and the expense that is spent on clearance is important, and of course trust and work quality are more important .

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