Whether you are in the world of commercial and trade or not, you should surely have heard the word clearance or customs clearance even for once. And maybe you have wondered that  What the clearance is?

Merchants who do importation or exportation, clear their goods from the customs by their legal representative called the customs broker, carry out all stages of the customs clearance process on behalf of the owner of the goods.


The custom broker is required to complete the clearance process, which we will mention below:

Preparation and registration of relevant documents in person or not in person and electrical
Calculate the main and possible costs, including tax, customs fees, etc

Of course, the methods of operation are different depends on whether exportation or importation is done.

Customs Clearance Procedures

Definitive Entry
The definitive entry is a commodity that has been imported to the
country forever and in its own right.

Temporary Entry
Temporary entry includes goods that have imported in the country for a certain period and should be returned to their origin country, for example, exhibit goods include these conditions, in which case the customs declare that at a given time and in the health conditions, the goods will return to its origin country, of course, the Depreciation does not include this law.

Returned Goods
Refers to goods which, for whatever reason, have not been cleared from custom and returned.

Foreign Transit
When a commodity has to travel to another country that is not destined to reach its

Internal Transit
Goods will be transferred from one custom to another one in order to clear and pass the clearance procedures.

Definitive Issuance
Whenever a commodity exported to a destination country, intended to be consumed and perpetual

Temporary Issuance
Temporary exportation and on the condition of returning to their origin country

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