Bazargan customs clearance

Bazargan Customs Clearance

Bazargan Customs Clearance

One of the services of Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Company is Bazargan Customs Clearance. In this article, we will give you a brief of Bazargan Customs. If you are a merchant who wants to trade from Iran’s forehead, reading this article would be beneficial for you. In the following, you will read about the location of Bazargan Customs Clearance’s city in Iran and then you will know what kind of goods are allowed to clear from this custom and how they are cleared?

Bazargan Customs and Its Location

Bazargan is one of the border towns in the West of Azarbayjan Province at the city center of Maku. This city, because of geographical and economical boundaries has a great importance. Bazargan is bordered by Turket from the north and Nakhchivan from the north-east. Bazargan Customs is one of the most important land customs in the country. Due to the fact that hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists and transit trucks are visiting the city every day, this city is known as the gateway to Europe. It should be noted that Bazargan customs is also known as the Gurbalagh Customs. Bazargan Customs is located in Bazargan city and at the end of the road on the silk road. With the establishment and utilization of Bazargan customs in 1305, the distance, costs and even the time of the clearance of the goods were reduced.

Allowed goods to be released from the Bazargan’s Customs

The rules governing the clearance of Bazargan Customs are the same laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran in relation to clearance of all the customs within the country. That’s why the clearance of some of goods is prohibited, some are forbidden and some are conditional.

Authorized product is a commodity that does not need to obtain a license from a specific organization but a conditional one is a commodity that import of it, is subject to obtaining a license from a related organization or body. For example, to import cosmetics, you must have a license from the Ministery of Health.

Prohibited goods are goods such as alcoholic beverages that import of it is not permitted and in case of importation and clearance of such goods, the person is known as offender and the law is permitted to deal with such traders, except for special cases where importing of alcoholic beverages is permitted for embassies. In the following, we explain about the stages of Bazargan Custom clearance.

Maku Free Zone in Bazargan Customs

The city of Maku and Bazargan Customs as a gateway to the trade between Europe and Iran play an important role in Iran’s economy. Bazargan Customs is located in the central part of the Maku Free Zone and Bazargan border is located within a kilometer of this city. The total area of this small town is 5000 square meters. Maku free zone is one of the seven free zone of Iran. With the establishment of Maku Free Zone, Bazargan Customs has become so important. The Maku Free Zone has a great position in the field of transportation ( transit and tranship) due to its connection to Europe and Central Asia. Maku route to the north to Turkey and to the east to the border of Aras and Nakhchivan, which is why it is one of the indicators of global trade.

Bazargan Customs clearance features:

Appropriate access to different areas is one of the unique features of Bazargan customs clearance.

The ability and availability of European markets has made Bazargan customs, the most desirable and closest choice of customs for European traders.

Poldasht Customs and Sari Soo Market are the customs that are under the supervision of Bazargan Customs.

How is Custom Clearance from Bazargan?

The clearance of all customs in Iran is in accordance with the Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the customs, a number of goods are allowed to enter and can be marketed in the domestic markets after going through various formalities. Naturally, some goods are unlawful and do not include the goods for clearance such as alcoholic beverages, drugs and etc. Applicants must also provide a customs declaration for the clearance of the goods and information on the sex and model of the goods, the price of the goods, the net and gross weight, the number of containers and etc to the customs. These kinds of information determine the cost which must to be paid to the customs.

The Cost of Bazargan Customs Clearance

Allow us to clear the authorized imported goods from European countries and Turkey at Bazargan Customs. Soltan Tejarat Bazaragan Clearance Company is ready to cooperate with merchants to clear the goods from Bazargan Customs Clearance. Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Company is committed to clear your goods as soon as possible.

Turkey Customs Clearance

Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Clearance Company is ready to cooperate with the businessmen and traders in the field of clearance of Turkey and other customs of the country.

 Bazargan Customs Clearance Procedures are as follows:

There are some documents which you need to present to the customs in order to clear your goods. The required documents to clear the goods are as follows:

Business card

Bill of lading



Source factor


Ballot list

Certificate of inspection

Perchase invoice

And etc.

In accordance with the circulars, the importation rights of the goods should be followed, including:

Obtain the required license to import the goods

Pay the taxes of imported goods

Pay the charges of imported goods

Payment of 1% of the cost of goods and shipping to the Solvency Organization

Payment of the specified percentage of the import rights of the goods from the cost of goods and carriage

Due to the changes in the circulars, you cannot read the details in this article to get detailed information. To obtain the detailed information and be update about the circulars, you can contact with Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Clearance Company to get expert advice. In order to facilitate the clearance of goods from Bazargan Customs, we have a branch office in Bazargan city.

The Importance of Bazargan Customs

Appropriate access to European countries is one of the unique features of Bazargan customs. Having access to European markets has led Bazargan customs to be the preferred option for European traders. Due to the climate of the city, trading of some goods such as food, pharmaceutical products, corps and cosmetics have been facilitated throughout the year. Poldasht Customs, Sari Soo markets and Sanam Balaghi markets are the customs working under the supervision of Bazargan Customs.

Specialized Clearance from Bazargan Customs

In Iran, there are some customs that are specialized in the clearance of some goods. Bzargan Customs also specifically deals with the clearance of the goods referred in below. But it does not mean that the rest of the goods are not cleared in this customs but it means the expertise of this Customs in releasing these types of goods and facilitating your business. Some of goods that Bazargan Customs is specialized in clearing them are as follows:

Clearance of:



Home appliance




Sanitary valves

Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Company

Soltan Tejarat Bazargan Company with many years of experience and expertise in the field of merchandising, clearance in the field of import, export and clearance of goods from all customs offices in the country. Having spent about two decades of continuous activity in the field of clearance of all customs, especially Bazargan Customs, our forwarding agents are well aware of all the details and stages of clearance and they will lead you to a lucrative business. Our suggestion is to use knowledgeable and experienced people in business profession who have enough skills and expertise in this field. If you had any questions, you can contact our experts for free. Tel: 02122855902- 09121995406

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