Bazargan customs clearance

How Bazargan Customs Clearance Is?

Bazargan customs clearance: Bazargan Customs located in Bazargan city, which begins at the end of the Silk Road in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Khatoon Bridge on the border with Turkmenistan and ends in Turkey. Another bazargan customs advantage is the ability to access European Markets So that the merchants who present goods from Europe, the closest and most desirable customs for them, is the merchant’s customs.

Before Setting up this customs, the trade and clearance carried out from the port of Trabzon, Qazil Valley and Bayazid, which is located 30 km from the city of Bazargan. Of course, with setting up the Bazargan customs in 1305, the amount of traffic, distance, costs and time of clearance has been declined, and now it has been able to play an important role in facilitating trade by presenting countless services. The Bazargan Customs Building has a total area of 4400 square meters and has been set up in 4 floors, which is at the stage of the Chief of the General and for the different duties of customs, including the passenger, import, export, transit, and judicial. . .. In addition, there are other customs under analysis and the manager of it including the Paldasht customs and Sari Souh and Sanam Ralaghi markets that all are under supervision of Bazargan customs.

Clearance in all of customs of Iran is carried out in accordance with the general strategy of the system and the Iranian system laws. In this respect, a team of goods has the right to enter the homeland, and they can go official and sold in homeland markets by passing formal process. At the same time, some of the goods in the beginning of entry are informal and may not be allowed to obtain a clearing sheet including alcohol, drugs and so on. . . The goods that can be dealed and sold will be mentioned below:

Importing and clearing of kinds of parquet , cutting Heavy machine ,kinds of Spare smithereens ,Armored profiles of artificial grass , kinds of Yarn , plastics, Engine smithereens and switches , Electro-Motor ,kinds of Industrial and household Sewing Machine, Sleep products ,home furniture and necessities, kitchen necessities and Cast iron and steel pot , computer smithereens , high pressure pipes and double glazed windows, expensive wall papers, kinds of fragile and crystal, Raw materials for textile and plastic products, lamps and Lighting equipment, Industrial and household water refinery machine , Agricultural machinery , Promotional Lights with bright signs, metal species and their artifacts, crude P O C and products made from them, male-female wear …

Method Of Bazargan Customs Clearance

In this Customs presenting commercial card, certain licenses including the Ministry of Health licenses . . .. Is essential.

Also, before clearing the applicants must complete the declaration for clearing, and all data related to the type and model of goods, goods price, the net and gross weight, the number of containers, and.. All these data specify the funds and expenses that must be paid to the Customs Organization.

Bazargan Customs Clearance With Sultan Tejarat Bazargan Company

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