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Export Commodity Clearance

What Is Exported Commodity Clearance?

Export Commodity Clearance :: An exported commodity is a commodity that is exported from the origin country perpetually
definitely or temporarily, which itself is divided into two distinct, definite export and temporary export.

In the case of definite exports, the commodity is withdrawn for consumption to the destination country, the clearance is done by the clearance companies.


Export Commodity Clearance Steps

Getting A Commercial Card
Receiving And Presenting A Cargo Declaration

The commodity owner or his legal representative must deliver a cargo declaration to the customs office electronically.

Cargo Declaration Confirmation

After submitting the cargo declaration and receiving it from the customs, the process of checking the information accuracy and conditions observance will start, and if all the items are approved, a message will be forwarded to the applicant.

Taxes And Duties Payment

In Three Ways, You Can Pay Taxes And Duties On Export Commodity Clearance

  1. Payment In Person At The Customs Office
  2. Electronic Payment
  3. Payment Through The Bank

Inspection And Clearance

The final stage of commodity inspection is in accordance with the rules of clearance and release.

There are other things that are determined by the kind of exported commodity.

Edible commodity should catch health and hygiene license by the relevant organization Or materials that require a Standard License should go to the relevant organization to receive it.

If the export commodity is made of metal (metal scrap), it must be obtained the relevant license from the Atomic Energy Agency.

According to the type of shipment of export commodity, air, land, sea, railways should receive a bill of lading.

The above items are a brief explanation for the dear merchants who have just been exporting commodities to be acquainted . Ultimately, Sultan tejarat bazargan is ready to give necessary advice on this matter to your loved ones.


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